Excerpt from Gallery Sonja Roesch: Machine Learning

The standout pieces are from Henry Brown, an abstract painter of note in the field. His paintings encourage inspection and deliver on many levels. His compositions are derived from notebook meanderings and retain a sense of authenticity one would expect from such a methodical approach. An undercurrent of penciled circles and directional lines dictate the painted surface that presents a sort of warped expanse of space. Smartly cropped, the paintings recall a 70’s aesthetic that simultaneously recalls Battlestar Galactica and Sol LeWitt. The angles depicted in the paintings pull the eye into the work, and when one closely inspects the surface, the visual information retains a sort of integrity not found in some of the other paintings.

—Garland Fielder

“Gallery Sonja Roesch: Machine Learning.” ArtsHouston, Apr. 2008: 38, illus.