Excerpt from Playfully Matter-of-Fact

Popularized by the term Op Art when it was introduced to a wider public in the groundbreaking show The Responsive Eye at the Museum of Modern Art in 1965, the movement underscored a viewer-centered experience and the individual psychological response. Mr. Stanczak, who was included in that show, lives in Cleveland and taught for 31 years at the Cleveland Institute of Art.

This show comes at a time when there seems to be a soft revival of that idiom, and Mr. Stanczak, along with Bridget Riley and Richard Anuszkiewicz, can thus be seen as paving the way for younger generations of artists working today, such as Terry Haggerty, Lori Ellison, and Henry Brown.

—Jennifer Riley

“Playfully Matter-of-Fact.” The New York Sun, 26 Mar. 2008. The excerpt is from a review of Julian Stanczak at Danese.